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Hello guys!. As I promised before I wanted to do a free commission raffle for the support you have been giving specially for the last few months. I started this account three years ago but just took it seriously like about a year ago and I hope I can continue growing and growing to share more of my art with you.

I'm planning big things and unfortunately right know my free time is a little bit short to just focus on my own stuff but I hope in a near future I can achieve the dream of making a living solely from doing what I love to do the most.

Anyway, let's get to the point. Shall we?. The only thing you need to do is the following:
*Be a watcher (If you're not then you will have to sacrifice two goats, bring me some star dust, a rock from the moon and finally a piece from the surface of the sun)....joking just press the watch button :D.
*Fave this journal and comment "I'm participating"

That's it, the rest is just luck since I will select a random comment using a random number and you will be the winner of a totally free commission of your choice.

You will have one week since today 8/18/2017, that means that the next Friday 8/25/2017 I will select a winner.

If I get 20 participants I will choose two winners instead of one and if there's the crazy case of 50 participants then that will raise to three winners!

Without further do, good luck and thank you again for the support I really love each one of you guys :D